Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Propaganda Against Israel by Nadene Goldfoot
I just read that an independant organization called PHR-I, which stands for Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, is not a part of the international PHR framework, but are being quoted by big newspaper outfits like BBC, Washington Post, Daily Telegrah, Guardian, Independent and AFP. They claim that they are doing good, while they are bloodying the name of Israel. What they say is being taken as the gospel truth, and their goal seems to be to fight Israel in this manner.
They are making allegations about Palestinians being pressured by Israel when they are seeking medical treatment outside of Gaza to become informants. Their evidence is unverifiable. It comes from 11 Gazans who allegedy asked for permission to come for medical care. Some may have needed medical help, but some may also have been inventing stories to gain entrance to Israel. We know this happens in Ashkelon, when Gazans have come to Barzelai Hospital seeking medical help. The story they tell is that a person who asked permission to enter had died, and this was a press release. It turned out later that the person was alive.
Another way they are hurting Israel is by saying that Gazans are being denied permission to study at universities in the USA. Some Gazans have been found to be imposters An example is what happened in May 2008 when some Palestinian students had their Fulbright fellowships and were not allowed to leave. Israel said they were security risks, but finally agreed to give them special exit permits. In the end, our US State Department withdrew three grants because of security risks. The US finally saw that Israel had originally turned them down because of the backgrounds of these students. Yet mainstream media came down solely on Israel because of this vile propaganda.
Palestinians have enjoyed using Human Rights as an issue against Israel. It appears that newspapers are very lazy and do not check out their sources when they write articles against Israel. They must start considering the source and their motivation. Israel is being bombed and is being attacked by propaganda. Readers, don't swallow everything you read. Check it out!
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