Sunday, August 24, 2008

Human Rights Advocates and Their Aims
People are backing the group who has been acting like the bigoted bully because they either don't read history or are just plain anti-semitic.
They called Israel "illegal and immoral" for "sieging Gaza." Little did they care to acknowledge that 7 Arab countries had attacked teeny Israel and in doing so, actually lost their war, giving Gaza, which was originally in Egypt's control, to Israel. The same situation applies to Judea and Samaria, which others term "The West Bank".
At any rate, these forty do-gooders, from the ages of 22 to 81 of about twelve countries, sailed from Cyprus on Friday in two boats to Gaza on Saturday with the purpose of challenging an Israeli blockade of the Hamas terrorist-run territory. They wanted a confrontation with Israel to gain publicity, hoping to show how terrible Israel was.
Israel decided to let them land to avoid their publicity stunt. They knew what was on board and what cargo they were carrying.
It galls me to think that there are idiots out there who back these bloody killers who have attacked Israelis for so long by attacking civilians in buses and schools and shopping centers. Many Israelis have endured so much. They were almost wiped out in the holocaust, had to fight after arriving in Palestine and after the creation of Israel, never knowing when the next attack would come, and now people are arriving in boats calling them such names and helping the very enemy who has been attacking them just to create propaganda. The Gazans are receiving aid and really didn't need whatever is loaded on their ships. These very terrorists were on the side of Hitler, no less, and gain support as if they are the trod-upon people. It is they who have doing the trodding, bullying, hating, shelling and killing!
Resource: Oregonian Newspaper 8/24/08 page A16, Gaza City, Gaza Strip
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