Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Jerusalem Cannot Be Divided

Nadene Goldfoot
"The area you are accustomed to calling "east Jerusalem," in other words, the area north and south and east of the Green Line that split the city in half during the Jordanian occupation, is home today to some 200,000 Jews comprising 41 percent of all the residents living in this area. Eighty-five percent of the 295,000 Arabs in east Jerusalem were born after 1967 into the reality of a united Jerusalem under Israeli governance, and were never exposed to the reality of a divided city."

"Palestinians living in east Jerusalem  are extremely fearful of Palestinian Authority rule and the division of the city. Tens of thousands of them voted with their feet by crossing the security barrier in north Jerusalem over to the Israeli side, to remain inside the united city. Additional tens of thousands have said in surveys that they will do the same thing if the city is once again divided."

"The health care system in Jerusalem serves both populations, as does Hebrew University, the Roads Authority, public transportation, shopping malls, electricity grids, telephone wires and the sewage system. The neighborhoods themselves are also intertwined. Even the barriers between the different quarters in the Old City are increasingly blurred. Jews live in the Muslim Quarter; Muslims live in the Christian Quarter. In contrast to the period under Jordanian rule, the holy sites are open to everyone. The only such restriction is against Jews — on the Temple Mount."

Mahmoud Abbas b: March 26, 1935, former PLO terrorist who took over from Yassar Arafat, now Chairman of the Palestinian National Authority, has been holding this post since November 11, 2004.  His capital has been Ramallah in Judea-Samaria, but he and Khaled Mashaal of Hamas are pushing for east Jerusalem which they would make Judenrein.  Four days ago Abbas said that he wouldn't allow Israel to build in the E1 area.   Reports in the London Sunday Times from 3 days ago say that Hamas is preparing to oust Abbas from Ramallah and take over even it means another war.  They've had an on and off love affair ever since Hamas kicked him out of Gaza in 2007 in a bloody coup.    

"Nir Barkat is the mayor of Jerusalem.  Barkat also makes the important point that Jewish sovereignty over the city has been its only reliable guarantor of religious openness, access, and equality.   By 2030, the city’s population will expand to one million residents from 800,000 today (33% Muslim, 2% Christian and 65% Jewish). Where does the world suggest we put these extra 200,000 residents?

The expansion of Jerusalem’s residential areas is essential for the natural growth of all segments of our population. It enables Jewish and Arab families alike to grow and remain in the city. The capital of a sovereign nation cannot be expected to freeze growth rather than provide housing to families of all faiths eager to make their lives there.
As for “E-1,” this land has always been considered the natural site for the expansion of contiguous neighborhoods of metropolitan Jerusalem. “E-1” strengthens Jerusalem. It does not impede peace in our region. The international alarm about planned construction is based solely on the misplaced dreams of the Palestinians and their supporters for a divided Jerusalem."
Resource: from: "Europe, face reality in Jerusalem" by Nadav Shragai by Seth Mandel , explanation of the fallacy of E-1 causing problems of movement

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