Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Rockets Shot Into Israel

Since November 14, 2012,      933 rockets shot into Israel.

So far, the  total for 2012 has been 1,697 rockets shot into Israel.

Last year, 2011,                      627 were shot into Israel.  

If one rocket fell near my house here in the States, I would probably have a heart attack.  

What's the point, Gaza?  Why did you do this?   When terrorists in Gaza fire into Israel, it falls anywhere in a civilian population.  It can be on a home, apartment building, school, business or anywhere.  When Israel has had a stomach full and retaliates, they shoot at a target of where the strikes are coming from and take out ammunition dumps, tunnels where such arms are smuggled in.  They avoid civilians as much as humanly possible.  What do the terrorists do?  Place these arms among civilians daring Israel to strike.  Such is the value of their people.

Resource:  IDFblogspot.com report. 
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