Friday, November 23, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood and Pharaoh Mohammed Morsi

Nadene Goldfoot
Yesterday while we Americans were eating our Thanksgiving dinner, the top leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denounced Morsi's peace efforts and urged a holy war to "liberate" Palestinian territories, which means all of Israel.

Old Mohammed Badei, General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood,  thinks Israel knows nothing but force, but that is the only deterrent that seems to stop such a group as the Muslim Brotherhood; that and baksheesh  or money.    He's all for Jihad and said it's an obligation.  All Muslims are to "back their brothers in Palestine and supply them."

That is exactly what Iran keeps on doing.  An Iranian 150 ton freighter named "Cargo Star" left Bandar Abbas port on Sunday, November 18th with a load of 220 short-range missiles and 50 improved long-range Fajar-5 rockets for Gaza.  These Fajars are newer with longer range capabilities than what was recently used.  they have a 200-kilo warhead and the others were 175 kilos.  It is 85 km or about 53 miles from Gaza to Tel Aviv.

Iran is adamant about the fact that they are bankrolling Palestinian terrorists and will not be letting Morsi be a moderate.  This of course would be running contrary to Tehran's plans and interests of destroying Israel.

Morsi, however, says he will abide by Egypt's 1979 treaty with Israel that Mubarak was following, established by Sadat.  He has quite a challenge of restoring order, solving crises that come up, and restraining the radicals he had helped to brain wash.  He just gave himself greater authority Thursday by neutralizing a judicial system by declaring that the courts are barred from challenging his decisions.  That's helpful.  The public might become very angry over this move, though.  It's not democratic of him.  He says it is necessary to protect the revolution that toppled Mubarak 2 years ago and to become democratic.  The pro-reform leader, Mohamed El Baradei wrote on  Twitter,  "Morsi today usurped all state powers & appointed himself Egypt's new pharaoh."  Mass protests have been called for to dissolve his declarations.

Oregonian Newspaper page A 10,  Egypt's Morsi grants himself broad powers , AP by Hamza Hendawi

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