Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel's Relationship With Gaza

Nadene Goldfoot
Back in 1948 when Israel was declared a state on May 14th, Gaza had been under Egyptian control and was the only part of the British Mandate held by the Egyptian forces.  Jews lived there and had been there for centuries.

When the 1967 War occurred and Israel won against her many aggressive neighbors, it came under Israel's control being Egypt was one of the losers. Since the Palestinians kept attacking Israel, protective measures had to be taken.  The uprisings were called Intifadas.

The 1st Intifada started December 6, 1987 in Gaza.  It was a violent attack lasting 4 years.  Palestinians threw 3,600 molotov cocktails, 100 hand grenades, 600 assaults with guns or explosives at soldiers and civilians.  27 Jews were killed and 3,100 were injured during this time.  1,100 Palestinians were killed in combat with the IDF.

This is the difference between the two entities.  Gaza targets civilians while Israel targets the weapons and only the leaders of terrorist groups who plot the death of their civilians.  Israel takes every precaution to protect is people while the terrorists put their rocket launchers amid women and children.

The 2nd Intifada occurred in September 2000.  It was a large terrorist campaign.  Israel decided to move all its Jewish citizens out of Gaza in the name of peace in 2005.  They left businesses for the Palestinians as well as homes.  They have been repaid by constant rocket shelling since the moment they left.  The population voted in Hamas, a terrorist organization for their government.  They seem to be in step with the Muslim Brotherhood Charter which calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of all Jews.  Other terrorist groups have also branched off from them.  Over 4,000 rockets, mortars and missiles have fallen into Israel since it withdrew from Gaza, and that's not counting the present attack that started last Wednesday. on the 14th by hitting an IDF vehicle and killing a soldier and wounding the other 3 while on patrol of the perimeter.  

 Under disengagement plans, Israel retained exclusive control over Gaza's airspace, and has the right to patrol and monitor the external land perimeter of Gaza Strip and the coastline.  Israel provides water, electricity and communication infrastructure for these people.

If there are any problems in the line of food, medications, medical supplies, fuel, or electricity, Hamas should be addressed since it is in their responsibility, not Israel's if there are any shortages.  Israel keeps bringing these things in by truck.  What Hamas does with it is something that can be questioned.  They have been most busy stockpiling their armory with over 12,000 rockets brought in from Iran and then through Sudan and Egypt.

The reason Israel must guard what goes in Gaza is that they are at war.  When a neighbor keeps shelling you and will not sit down and discuss peace terms, you are at war.  They have managed to get thousands of rockets into Gaza and Israel is trying to stop this without an air or land incursion, but when it does not stop, this is the only alternative.

The ugly truth is that Israel keeps on trucking in goods to make sure there are no scarcities and at the same time must try to prevent arms getting into Gaza.  Yet there are do-gooders (?) who insist there are and come on flotillas trying to break the law already established to bring in boatloads of who knows what.  What they are doing is just feeding into the Palestinian right to bomb the Jews out of existence.  Do-Gooders they aren't.  They are aiding and abetting an enemy of Israel.


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