Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last Three Weeks Dodging the Rockets and Mortars and Bombs in Southern Israel

In the last 3 weeks Hamas and other terrorist groups have shot several rockets and mortars into Southern Israel.  They've also tried to plant bombs intended to blow up army jeeps on patrol near the Gaza security fence. 

Last week Israel's air force hit 2 terrorists who were planting bombs  after a mortar attack on the Western Negev and were seen planting a bomb near the security fence. 

Hamas's comment was that the men were only civilians setting traps to catch birds.  With the shuk (open air market) full of food, I doubt very much if anyone is out catching birds.  Out in Eastern Oregon, birds are shot at, not trapped, anyway, and the hunters use dogs to retrieve them.  Yes, they were traps all right, not but to catch birds.  They were to kill our young IDF soldiers. 

Reference: Arutz Sheva by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
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