Thursday, January 21, 2010

USA Arms Middle East For Profit

Nadene Goldfoot
Our adjoining neighbor, Egypt, has signed a peace treaty with Israel. Their last war was in 1967, when all surrounding countries attacked Israel, and Israel survived and won. Saudi Arabia did not sign.

That hasn't stopped the United States from arming the Saudis and providing them with better and better weaponry. In 1981 they sold them AWACS radar planes. They also bought advanced systems from Britain and France. Their reason they said was to defend themselves against the Soviet Union. Even Henry Kissenger mentioned that it was silly to think these would only be used against Russia and not Israel. I am shocked that anyone would buy such logic. Of course it was to use against Israel.

After 9/11, new sales have continued "to fight a war on terror." I note that the terrorists from 9/11 were Saudi Arabians! They bought F-15s, laser-guided "smart-bombs" and other advanced weapons, things that would be useful against Israel but not al-Qaida, a group they most likely contribute to. Our Bush administration okayed these sales. Of course, the Saudis were his friends. Not only Saudi Arabia were buyers, but also Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Interestingly, even after buying billions of dollars worth of weapons, USA had to come to the Saudis rescue in 1991. Now they're saying they are important to use against Iran.

Ehud Barak has asked the USA went from Israel to Washington to discuss this situation. Michael Oren has said that the Obama Administration is going to act to correct this problem. In 1968 the USA sold Israel Phantom jets. Ten years later with Jimmy Carter, Israel's enemy neighbors were supplied with weapons. Advanced fighter planes were sold to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. More and more supplies have gone to Arab states. This is happening at a time when USA has had to borrow money from China to survive. We just promised Haiti a lot of money. I don't know where it all is coming from being our coffers are about empty. I suppose we'll just borrow more and more. Or, is the thinking that the sale will bring in a cash cow? Selling weapons has been making a lot of money.

It seems that either our USA doesn't care who it sells to or is aware of the repercussions in order to make a buck, or they're playing some sort of chess game, depending on who is in office.

Saudi Arabia is the country with the most oil, and therefore the most money. They also are probably the most religious, and object the most to Israel's presence, causing the other countries to join in the rebellion. They converted people to their religion with their swords. They're still trying to rule the world with weaponry.

I wouldn't be surprised if someday we find out that the Saudis have bought the ability to buy weaponry from individuals who are dollar hungry and sympathetic. It has happened in the past and probably is being played out today as well. It's sad when we have high ideals, but they're not followed by everyone. History has a habit of repeating.

Reference: Michell Bard #349: Is the US Maintaining Israel's Qualitative Edge?

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