Sunday, January 17, 2010

Abbas's Unreasonable Threats

Nadene Goldfoot
Abbas of the Palestinians is quick to threaten Israel. He is telling Washington that if Israel doesn't agree to halt settlement growth, the Palestinians will demand that Washington give Israel the ultimatum and declare an endgame.

By this I take it that he means he wants a decision by Washington about the borders of Israel, the refugee issue of allowing all the Palestinians into Israel and the final status of Palestine decided already.
It sounds like these are not to be discussed between Israel and Abbas, but that Washington should make a decree in Palestinian Abbas's favor.

Now, I haven't seen anything like the Palestinian people stopping the bombardments against Israel after the past 62 years. In fact, I keep reading about them happening. I haven't noticed the terrorists swearing allegiance to Abbas saying that he's their leader. I haven't read a thing about them deciding to create a peaceful state and live in harmony with Israel. I haven't noticed them offering a thing to Israel other than death. Abbas is a true Chutzpadick.

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