Friday, March 07, 2008

An Honor to Kill Jewish Boys
There has been a terrible attack on a Jewish school in Jerusalem where 8 young boys from the ages of 15 and up were slaughtered as they studied. At least 10 others were badly injured, of which one 16 yr old is in serious condition from chest wounds. Claiming the "honor" is the Galilee Freedom Battalion Martyrs of Imad, some sort of branch of Hamas. The killer was able to come in through East Jerusalem where there are no barriers between Jews and Muslim residents. Israel since the attack is on a state of high alert. Citizens feel let down by the Israeli government for not having a stronger security. The guards at the door of the school had been shot and killed.
In Gaza, Palestinians celebrated the bloody attack by firing guns in the air. They also handed out candy and gave prayers of thanks at their mosques.
Their greatest feats in the past has been attacking women and children wherever they can. I visited a cemetery in Safed made up of children in the local school where the terrorists had attacked them. This is not a war between armies. These terrorists hide amongst their own population and fire rockets at Israel. Then Israel is condemned for firing back, aiming at terrorists and terrorist strongholds only but because they are set in civilian areas, cannot help but kill them, too. Sadly, there is no other way to approach Hamas and get them to stop shelling Israel with rockets.
Hamas screams that we are occupying Gaza, though we left in 2005 completely. People left their businesses there in perfect condition only to find out that Hamas destroyed them. G-d forbid that they take them over and continue the businesses. They prefer to be on the United Nation's dole. The only occupying Israel is doing is having their planes in the air and ships in the sea trying to keep Israel secure from these fanatics. This they don't want. If they were an accepting people primed for peace, patrolling the skies and sea might not be a chore for Israel, but under the circumstances, a necessity.
We all know the terrorists scheme to drive Israel into the sea. We're onto them. Olmert has not backed down on the peace process. It's still in the works.

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