Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hezbollah Rumbles Against Israel
The Middle East has heard of attacks and retaliatory threats between Israel and Hezbollah. Neither side expect a war soon, but the Hezbollah guerrillas have Iranian backing, and they are the ones threatening Israel's existence. They also have increased their rocket range and say they can hit most of Israel now.
Israel has its hands full in the south with Gaza, on the East with the West Bank, and on the North with Hezbollah. At least the West contains the Mediterranean Sea, and we do have a Navy. During the last conflict, my ex-town of Safed was hit as well as another city I had lived in; Haifa. Now I hear that the rockets have a vaster range. The Gang is ganging up again on its lone victim, Israel. These bullies have no other agenda other than to wipe out Israel. In their cities probably no one convenes to talk about how to make their citizens more comfortable in life. They must just talk about rockets.

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