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Sanders Has No Respect for Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                             
This angry man, Bernard Sanders (born September 8, 1941), wants to be the next
USA President and has already tried in 2016 and failed,
appealing mainly to Socialists and anti-Israelites like himself
said to be worth $2,000,000 .  
"If he becomes president, Sanders said, he’d consider using the billions in aid the U.S. sends to Israel each year as leverage to force Netanyahu to change his actions, adding that Palestinians deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, the Examiner reported."  These words jump out at me and give me heart pains.  
This man, who lived in Israel for a short while, just has no understanding of his people's history or what they have deserved for the past 2,000 years.  Is he just reading books by Chomsky or what is it with him?  Incidentally, President Trump was born June 14, 1946.  
He's always pointing-Sanders and Omar

Let's talk about who deserves dignity and respect.  All people do until they break laws and attack people, and that's exactly what the Palestinians have been doing to Israel since their declaration of statehood in 1948.  Within minutes they were being attacked, and the English had left the Jews without arms.  

Israel has been attacked because of them and by them in The War of Independence, The Sinai War, The Six-Day War, The War of Attrition, The Yom Kippur War, the Lebanon War, etc, etc.  with Iran now looming over their heads as well as Hamas and ISIS.  Oh what a crazy neighborhood we have moved back into.  It wasn't like we had left it when Jacob and his entourage of 70 of  family members left in a famine and found refuge in Egypt.  Well, this now-crazy neighborhood was home where they had been told was theirs to live in; Jews who found the rest of the world unwilling to put up with people who believed in one G-d only, but who did not proselytize their beliefs and force them on other people, either.                                               

Jews came from Russia when I made aliyah in 1980.  I was in a class of 40 students learning Hebrew and most were Russians.  We lived in the same Ulpan in Haifa.  We even had a disagreement over the price of our main meal, served at about 1pm, and wound up in a Shveeta (strike).  I broke it with my German shepherd when we took over the building's office.  Oh what fun we had, American and Russian Jews, and the Russians were the better students!  My grandparents were Russian-Jewish immigrants back in the early 1900s from Lithuania and Poland.  

The total amount of money from the USA since 1948 is 134,764.080 (in millions).
$94,792.790 was for military purposes.  Resettling refugees who were Jewish people living in Arab countries and were expelled in 1948 and other European Jews was came out of donations most likely from Jews abroad , like American Jews.   Israel has paid back their loans.  Lately we have had Russians and Ethiopians as immigrants, and I lived there as this took place, right in Safed.
President Truman was one of the first to recognize Israel in 48.  The League of Nations had voted for the creation of the Jewish Homeland in in the 20s, and the United Nations had also accepted Israel.   

                                  Financing below is in the millions-not billions

 ^ Military aid: 1959-1973 (Loans); 1974-1984 (Loans & Grants); 1984-Present (Grants)
* Economic aid is combination of grants and loans. Israel stopped receiving economic aid of any sort in 2007
° Refugee resettlement aid is earmarked for the Jewish Agency/United Israel Appeal to help transport and resettle immigrants in Israel. It was primarily used to help Soviet immigrants in the 1980s and 1990s. Today it is used for Ethiopian immigrants.
** This is funding allocated to American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA)
† Includes Food for Peace (loans & grants); Export-Import Bank aid; Housing Loans; Cooperative Development aid; missile defense; and, others.
# Includes $1.92 billion in regular military assistance and $1.2 billion for implementation of the Wye Agreement.
Loan guarantees are not considered foreign aid so the $7.9 billion in guarantees have been excluded from this table (see Loan Guarantees for Israel [table]). This table also excludes funding for certain other projects the CRS does not consider foreign aid, such as the $180 million for the research and development of the Arrow missile.
Many Jews are still coming from Russia today because of
Putin.s way of life.  Somebody's been doing their homework
and are patriotic about Israel already.  
Israel has given to the world, not just to the USA.  It has made advancements in the medical field, fighting cancer and other important killers; it goes to countries and teaches about protecting themselves from terrorists, and are leaders in so many fields.  It is such a blessing to the world that this remnant of a once large empire has taken the lead in so many discoveries.  Wherever earthquakes have happened, Israel is there to give aid.  To slam this country is to slam our religion, for their moral compass is Judaism.  
Speaking  to J Street, the group trying to rub out AIPAC
J Street prefers to tell Israel what to do from their Democratic USA couches while AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee)  the only organization for years speaking for Israel continues, thank goodness!  J Street says their  "stated aim is to promote American leadership to end the Arab–Israeli and Israeli–Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically."  They are speaking for very liberal Democrats and their opinions, not that from Israel. They say they are Israel advocates, yet I have not seen proof.  They are detractors, speaking for others, not Israel.  George Soros is said to have been one of
the founders.  I wonder if Sanders has ever heard or read anything
by Professor Eugene Kontorovich, the intellectual architect of US state laws
regarding boycotts of Israel?  Other Israeli positions?  He 

advocates with undisputable facts.  
One of the worst enemies we have are such people as this who have no use for their religion nor their own people and have cultivated friendships with its enemies.  When a well-known person advertises dislike for Israel, whether they are right or wrong, brings on that same attitude  of anti-Semitism by the sheep of the land, those that follow without thought or care. 

Professor Kontorovich.  lecturer in defense of Israel.  Prof. Kontorovich also plays a leading role in many Israel-related policy matters, and is regarded as the “intellectual architect” of U.S. state laws regarding boycotts of Israel. In his work at Forum Kohelet, he regularly advises senior Israeli, U.S. and European officials on a variety of diplomatic issues. Kontorovich on Settlements, to understand settlements in Israel.  

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