Monday, January 27, 2014

Explosion at Syrian Air Base with Missiles

Nadene Goldfoot
There has been an explosion Thursday night at a Syrian air defense base near Jableh, on the Mediterranean coastal province of Latakia.  This was reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights who collects reports from oppositional activists.

"Hezbollah already has a reported 100,000 missiles of various ranges pointed at Israel despite the UN peacekeeping force (UNIFIL) having been charged since the end of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict in 2006 with ensuring that arms wouldn’t reach the internationally recognized terrorist organization."  fox news.  Assad has become very tight with Hezbollah, which worries Israel a great deal.  

The media is reporting that it was caused by Israeli jets who were attacking missile launchers at this Syrian base.  Nothing has been confirmed, so it remains as gossip.  Whereas the USA leaked information about Israel purposely last time, there has been no mention of who did this so far.  Perhaps it's a surprise to them as well.

This same air base was also said to be hit by Israel on Halloween of last year because of Russian-made missiles directed towards Israel.


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