Thursday, October 24, 2013

Terrorist Tunnels in Gaza Discovered

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                           

                    Underground  Tunnel discovered dug from Gaza to Israel

In September of this year of 2013, Israel shipped in 1,244 truckloads of construction materials to Gaza so that they could build things they would like to have more of such as  homes, schools, hospitals, roads, and parks.  Instead, they have used the materials to build tunnels.  These tunnels are used to bring in weaponry to use against Israel.  Israel had been wary of allowing such shipments to go in, but from outside pressure, bent their decision and allowed it, and this is how they are repaid.

It was the Egyptian army who discovered the latest tunnel. It is used for smuggling weapons and attacking Israelis.  It went from the Gaza Strip to the Sinai Peninsula.  In another description it extends from the southern Gaza Strip to the Egyptian border.

 Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper reported that they arrested 72 people in Sinai for involvement in a bomb attack tat killed 2 and wounded 5.

Egypt and Israeli delegates are getting together to discuss this problem.  The Egyptian army has been working to destroy Islamist terrorist cells that have formed in the Sinai since the fall of Hosni Mubarak in 2011.  Militants from Gaza have been attacking Egyptian civilians and soldiers in the Sinai.

It was on October 10th that a large, very high and deep tunnel was discovered going from Gaza right into Israel.  Hamas claims they are responsible, and of course they are.  They are the leaders of Gaza.  "The Hamas spokesman said the tunnel had been dug in an effort to force Israel to release some of the thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails. Former Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured and brought into Gaza through such a tunnel in 2006."

We have already started releasing prisoners who are murders from jail as requested to meet the conditions of  the peace table with Abbas.  Finding this and with the way the Palestinians glorify their killers is a huge turn-off in continuing such a practice.  It was to be used to kidnap Jews and also  to allow terrorists into Israel to kill Israelis, for that's what they have done in the past.  


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