Thursday, March 22, 2012

Samarian-Judean Terrorism on the Rise on Highways

Nadene Goldfoot
Samaria, which is what some people call part of the West Bank, holds both Arabs and Jews.  Today an Israeli car drove near the Arab village of Duma on the highway NE of Ramallah and was stoned.  The windshield was smashed and the rock had blood on it from hitting the passenger.  The driver contacted the IDF immediately who are searching for the people who threw the rocks.  This is not the first attack in Samaria or Judea. 

Just January 31st an attack happened in Northern Samaria when a woman's car was stoned while driving and she was wounded while 2 other cars were damaged. 

By the middle of February3  women in Judea and Samaria were attacked in their cars by Palestinian Authority Arabs, dragged from their cars which were then stolen.  In retaliation, the Jewish residents of Kedumim blocked the PA Arab drivers from merging onto Route 55.  The attacks had been getting more violent and they wanted the government to protect drivers. 

An attack back in September 2011 on Asher Palmer from Kiryat Arba who was driving on Highway 60 ended in tragedy because he had his baby son, Yonatan in the car.  The rock attack caused Asher to lose control of the car and it crashed, killing the baby. 

The increased Arab rock attacks on the road in Judea and Samaria and in neighborhoods in Jerusalem seem to be the start of a Third Intifada. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva
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