Friday, March 09, 2012

New Escalation of 40 Rockets (80) (90+)(100)(120) From Gaza Thursday and Friday: Worse since October

Nadene Goldfoot
The Popular Resistance committees (PRC)  terrorists were planning attacks in the Sinai along the boarder between Israel and Egypt.  Israel Air Force hit the vehicle involved killing their commander Zuheir al Qaisi,  Ahmad Hanini and 6 others on Friday. They had been planning a major attack on Israeli targets.   Two mortar shells were fired at Israel from Hamas causing an explosion in the open fields. 

This brought about a rocket barrage from Gaza of 40 rockets into Southern Israel. In return, the IDF hit terror targets in Gaza.  It continued from Thursday throught Friday.  Since then the number has gone to 80 and now 90 plus rockets, one of which was a 25 mile long range rocket that Israel's Iron Dome stopped. 

Abu Attiya threatened retaliation.  These PRC terrorists called it a grave escalation.  You see, according to their rules, they can attack but don't want to be attacked in return.  They have continued to fire rockets at Israel, yet now that Israel retaliated but good, we see the Arab League screaming and condemning the "Gaza massacre."   So far the air strikes from Israel have killed 15 terrorists. 
The attack continued March 9th and 10th amounting to 80 (90+) rockets shot, mainly into Beersheba and the Eshkal region of Southern Israel.  The terrorists used mobile Grad launchers smuggled in from Libya. 

Reference: March 9, 10; Palestinians fire mobile Grad launcher smuggled from Libya; count up to 80 rockets.
3/11/12 Fox TV News
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