Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Weekend of 39 Gaza rocket and Mortar Attacks

Nadene Goldfoot
39 rockets and mortars were fired at southern Israel over the weekend.  Arne Moshe, 56 of Ashkelon, died Saturday night in the rocket attack.  He had been hit in the stomach with shrapnel.  16 to 20  people were wounded by shrapnel and smoke inhalation.  14 people were treated for anxiety.

President Shimon Peres says that the latest round of attacks of Gaza missiles  is a "declaration of war."

Israel's IDF had found a terrorist gang preparing to launch long-range rockets  at Israel.  They also had fired a Grad rocket Wednesday.  So Israel hit them and killed 5 terrorists. 

Grad missiles were fired Saturday afternoon and hit a schoolyard in Ashdod.  A 2nd missile fell in an open area while the 3rd fell near Gan Yavneh.  A young girl ran from the explosion and was injured.  Also a man in his 50's was injukred from the shrapnel in the 3rd strike.  Both had to be hospitalized. 

P.M. Netanyahu remarked that he appreciates the endurance of the Southern Israelis in the face of these attacks.  Israel plans to continue striking back every time they are attacked.  There is no cease fire, even though Egypt had tried to arrange for one to start at 6am Sunday morning. 

Israel has not had any air strikes without provocation.  Yet the Oregonian newspaper this morning states the news as if Israel's planes had struck Saturday at Palestinian militants in Gaza who then responded; leaving out the details of Israel having been attacked first.  They write as if Israel were the instigator, and that is not true.  They write that such exchanges are common, though this was the worst in months.

"Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aqsa Brigade terror gangs took responsibility for Saturday's Grad rocket attacks against southern Israel. Footage released by Islamic Jihad Saturday night showed terrorists firing the rockets at Israel using a portable rocket launcher installed on the back of a pickup truck – a method of attack that had not been used in Gaza previously. Media analysts said that the footage indicated that Gaza terror groups had developed several advanced capabilities in recent months."  from Arutz Sheva

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Oregonian Newspaper 10/30/2011 Sunday Paper page A 16 beginning of article exactly like Oregonian, only this is much longer.
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