Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bombing Persisting Again from Gaza and Commencing from Judean Mountains
Nadene Goldfoot
All has not been quiet on the Western front from Gaza or the  Judean mountains.  Three weeks ago 2 kassam rockets were fired from Gaza.  One of them managed to land in Hof Askelon Regional Council or the Ashkelon area of Israel.  Ashkelon is Portland, Oregon and Baltimore, Maryland's sister city.  It houses Israel's front line hospital, the Barzilai Medical Center, treating Arabs and Jews alike in the southern Israel area of 502 square miles.  It's like biting the hand that feeds you when the terrorists' bombs might land on this site. 

On Wednesday evening a Grad rocket landed in Southern Israel from the Hamas terrorists in Gaza landing in the Ashdod and Bnai Aish area.  Ashdod is Israel's largest port and an industrial center, one of the two main cargo ports.  It is the 6th largest city in Israel.  It is 20 miles south of Tel Aviv, 12 miles north of Ashkelon and 33 miles west of Jerusalem. 

Also on Wednesday an IDF patrol was struck by  a roadside bomb near Efrat in the Judean mountains.  The army vehicle was damaged but the soldiers were okay.  Efrat lies between Bethlehem and Hebron; two heavily populated Arab communities that had been Jewish cities.  It is only 7.5 miles south of Jerusalem.  There are over 7 thousand Jews living in Efrat. 

The IDF responded with strikes in Gaza in known terrorist centers on Thursday. 

As for having any meetings about peace with Abbas, George Mitchell complained about the Fatah response to his American efforts by refusing to start negotiations during the 10 month window when Israel froze building efforts.  Fatah chose to respond during the 9th month by declaring that they thought a continued freeze was indispensible.  Of course Israel stated that this building need was a point to be discussed in the talks and not now, which is obvious to me and others.  So far, the Arabs have refused to come to the table for any peace talks.  They want all building by Jews to stop and they want East Jerusalem as their capital.

Actually, Arab home construction since 1967 has  outpaced Jewish building.  This is when Jerusalem was unified as one city when Israel won the 1967 war.  The Arab building growth has been 163.4% while the Jews grew by 113.6%.   Yet when the city has any add-ons on building construction planned, the Arabs scream. 

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