Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gaza Strip Continues Attacks on Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
On Tuesday the IAF were able to stop a terror cell and their smuggling tunnel in Northern Gaza.  They were ready to launch rockets into Israel and caught in the act.  . 

Then today one of our IDF tanks was fired on by what was thought to be an anti-tank missile from the Palestinians. near the security fence. It could have also been a roadside bomb. The tank  had entered the Strip in southern Gaza doing their checking. 

The Palestinians say that 3 bulldozers and 5 tanks had entered the strip and were about 300 meters from the security fence near the city of Khan Youris.  They also reported that the tanks had been firing at nearby homes.  The IDF related that the only firing they had done was in response to the rocket fire of the Palestinian terrorists. 

Khan Youris is a city only 4 kilometers from the Sea yet is semi-arid and hot with temperature of 30 degrees centigrade (86 degrees F.) in the summer.  It  houses  leaders of both Hamas and Fatah.  Next door is a refugee camp started in 1948 that was populated by about 35,000 Arabs. 

An IDF soldier was mildly injured, treated on the spot and then taken to the Beersheba Medical Center. 

This attack on an IDF tank by a missile is a repeat of an event on March 18, 2011.  Israel patrols for several reasons; to look for tunnels whereby arms are brought in and to protect it's civilian population from terrorist attacks.,7340,L-4092237,00.html

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