Monday, July 04, 2011

Another Ship from Canada Halted by Greece
Nadene Goldfoot
The  ship, Tahrir from Canada was halted by Greece.  They don't seem to want to comply with rules and regulations of Israel, the USA or the UN in their attempt to break the blockade of Gaza by sea.  This is the 2nd ship that was part of a depleting flotilla that Greece has recently stopped.  It is carrying about 50 Israel-haters.

Gaza's leaders are Hamas terrorists, voted in by the population.  Their goal is to destroy Israel, so it is war.  They have constantly been shelling southern Israel with missiles, rockets and mortars.  While Israel has the more powerful weaponry, it has to refrain from lots of retaliation due to internatonal condemnation.  After taking it for over 6 years, it finally reacted in Operation Cast Lead in trying to put an end to it. They were roundly criticized and condemned for finally protecting themselves, which shows how mentally sick the world has again become. 

How people, even Jews, can side with the Gazan terrorists who want to completely obliterate the Jews of Israel who have bent over backwards to do the right thing to people who have tried to kill them, is beyond my comprehension.  They have stepped over the line of reason. 

The Greek Navy is a group to be proud of in carrying out their role of policing the waters from their port of these invaders.  Thank you so much, Greece for helping your neighbor, Israel,  in these perilous times.  You show much bravery and courage and are a people who can be counted on.  You are truly carrying out a good deed. 


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