Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Give Up Jerusalem? Are You Crazy?

Nadene Goldfoot
Today Israel's President Shimon Peres continues talking in Washington to American leaders who are trying to force Israel to follow their unprecedented leadership. They're trying to force Israel to freeze settlement activity in Judea and Samaria and construction in East Jerusalem. Then they plan to push Israel to abandon large sections of Judea and Samaria, even removing communities and outposts and hand over the center of Jerusalem to Palestinians! 

They plan on forcing Israel to accept a Palestinian state that is controlled by the terrorists Hamas who refuse to recognize Israel, a state that was sanctioned and accepted by the United Nations in 1948. Some friend Obama is turning out to be. Whoever thought so should have studied politics a little more. Jerusalem is being squeezed in meetings on making nice talk with the Palestinians, Syria and Iran. These three entities want to see the slaughter of Israel. 

From the video I just watched of a Kuwait Arab leader, according to their holy book, hostility toward Jews is eternal. They have no intention of ever getting along with us. Why Obama is pretending that some peace can come out of talks with these groups is again, political and not a realistic goal. What they are actually doing is giving many anti-semitic people fuel to criticize Israel, and they don't need very much as it is. What I'm seeing are people who are ready to sacrifice Israel and Jews since we are a small group for their own ends, and that is that they cannot see using money to help protect Israel.

Obama is shifting ideology around so much that Israel and Egypt are joining forces in a meeting where they both find themselves in opposition to Obama's goals. Obama's maneuver is to make Iran the main force of regional power, and Israel and Egypt can have none of this. It challenges their security and interests, and here America is making deals with Iran. Surprisingly, Tehran does not plan to allow Washington to dictate the limits of its influence and will not want its nuclear aspirations checked. Bending to Iran is only giving them the power they seek.

Also, Obama is endorsing Turkey as the senior Muslim power in the Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia, which is reminding people of the Ottoman Empire when they were king.

By May 18th Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled for White House talks. American leaders will throw all their strength on him and will try to discredit him. Netanyahu is marshalling all Israel's resources including President Peres in trying to remain a first rate Middle East power worthy of consultation. Up to now, Israel has been able to count on American opinion to side with them.

 I see now that the Jewish community has gone Democratic, as usual, but is facing a president that is breaking with the tradition of Israel's protector. The public is also depending on Obama's judgement and is tiring of siding with Israel. Netanyahu will have to be very strong to stand up to such an opposing force.

 We do have some friends, however, such as "Christians United for Israel" and others not affiliated with this major group who see the value of Israel and know how they have been knocked down by sloppy and hateful journalism and that their right to exist should not be challenged. Know this, Washington.

 Jews have been praying for over 2,000 years to return to Jerusalem. We've said that we should lose our right hand if we ever forget it. We're not about to lose our Jerusalem to salve someone's term in office.

Reference: Gerald Robbins: Netanyahu heads for collision with Obama administration from

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