Monday, December 17, 2007

United Nations Day's Attitude Towards Israel
On the 29th of November 2007 Ronnie Kasrils, MP of South Africa, in honor of United Nations International Day, tore apart Israel unmercifully and wrongly with lies that were astonishing to me. He certainly must need oil to butter up the Palestinians so much.
He stated that " there can be no balanced even-handed approach by the South African government between the power of the Israeli state, supported by the US, and the Palestinians who are under siege and fire, with no state, where it is amazing that they survive at all, where they ...rely on nothing more than their "samud", perseverance and courage. ...a thief cannot present demands-neither preconditions nor any other terms-to the owner of the property he has robbed."
This statement alone reeks of completely inaccurate knowledge. It is the Palestinians who are doing the firing on Israel. I guess there's not a South African at all who would defend themselves if they were fired upon. Israel has been the one who has been attacked since they were reborn in May of 1948. May I remind South Africa that it was the United Nations who voted for the creation of Israel, but did nothing to protect it from the seven Arab countries who attacked it immediately. Israel had only very tired World War II survivors and a few other Jews to fight for their rights to survive. We even hoped that G-d was on our side as the shock of winning that bout surprised everyone.
The Palestinians did not own the land, or Gaza, or anything. They were of very few in number compared to today, who had wandered in to find work in the growing land of Israel. A few had lived in the area, but fled when they heard their leaders promise that if they did so, they could come back and occupy the Jews' deserted quarters, which of course didn't happen. From there on it was the leadership of the Arabs who kept the "Palestinians" in camps and refused to take them into their own spacious countries. They really were used as pawns to fight against the Israelis. Now they have become a group of hateful people, if you look at Hamas's goals. This is exactly what the Arab nations have hoped for, it appears.
The premise of Kasrils's speech is completely wrong. How can a man of such a position
get up and lie like that to his country? How can people believe such propaganda? All this lying for a United Nation's Day about a country that was created by the United Nations is simply outlandish. Somebody, please send this man a history book.
Research: Speaking Notes by Ronnie Kasrils, MP, on the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, 29 November 2007, UNISA

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