Sunday, December 02, 2007

Impossible Gaza Situation
The Hamas terrorists that have taken over Gaza have one goal in mind: to drive Israel out of existence. They have shelled Israel daily in defiance of their ex-partners in crime, the Fatah terrorists, who control the "West Bank". Over this weekend they shelled 4 rockets and 14 mortars into Israel. This has all happened since Israel withdrew all Israelis out of Gaza. This means all residents and all soldiers. Israelis were living there and had to give up their homes for peace. It's not like America, where we have learned to live in diverse neighborhoods and enjoy the differences.
How would any town in the USA like to be shelled daily? What would you think of the USA Federal government if it was allowed to continue without trying to stop it? Would you stay there? Would you allow your children to leave your house and go to school? Of course not. We wouldn't stand for it in a minute.
Israel has been held down in any defensive tactics by Condoleezza Rice but has had to retaliate regularly by targeting militants launching rockets into Israel. Since the Annapolis conference, they have killed 17 Gaza terrorists. They struck from the air and killed 5 terrorists in the latest strike.
The Hamas terrorists have been shelling Israel daily. Now they are angry and have threatened to strike Israel with rockets that can reach half way to Tel Aviv, which is only 38 miles from Gaza. They think it's okay to continue shelling Israel but when we hit 5 of their people, they're hopping mad and retaliating more than ever. I can hit you but don't you dare hit me back.
These terrorists are against any peace process and say that Abbas doesn't speak for them. However, if we invade Gaza to put a stop to their terrorism, Fatah have said they will join Hamas in fighting us. Some peaceful partners, they are. It's obvious what the two factions of terrorists want to do. You have to be a dufus not to see it. In fact, Fatah already has three units of terrorists that have been fighting against Israel without stopping. Abbas isn't controlling all of Fatah!
As if that isn't enough to worry about, Israel is now on alert for dirty bombs. Their reports are that there are radiological bombs (with uranium) to be used against Israel brought in from Eastern Europe. Security will be very high. This is at a time when Israel is releasing 429 terrorist prisoners as a show of good will. In the meantime, the soul of Israel's land is responding with three earthquakes in the past two weeks. The intensity was 4.0.
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