Thursday, February 27, 2014

Messages From A Syrian Jew Trapped In Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot
Jack Huffman, Storyteller                                                                  

Title:  Messages From a Syrian Jew Trapped in Egypt, by Nadene Goldfoot and Jack Huffman, Storyteller.

This is the story of Vick,  who finds out his birth mother was Jewish and he's a Syrian in Damascus.  What he must do is flee to Egypt during the Civil War, but while there tries to find out how he can find his mother, who is reportedly in Israel.  Read about the history of Syrian Jews and what they had to endure as well as what's happening to Syrian refugees today.  You'll see what foods are prominent in the Syrian culture and be in on Vick's many amours.  Historic Fiction.  206 pages, 5X8 " pocketbook.
 Available at, Barnes & Noble, and publishers-Authorhouse; book and E-Book, Kindle. 

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