Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holland  Affirms Israel is Jewish State
Nadene Goldfoot
Holland affirms Israel as a Jewish state.  After declaring this on May 14, 1948, I would have thought this isn't necessary, but evidently it is.  Holland is also urging the EU not to recognize a declared Palestinian statehood.  They also realize the dangers in a one state situation of both Jews and Arabs and that it would then no longer be a Jewish majority state. 

This is a brave stand for Holland at a time when practically all other countries are caving into appeasing the Palestinians and have signaled that they are recognizing a future Palestine.  Canada is standing with Israel, also.  The United States has said it would as well. 

The Palestinians say they declared their state in 1988.  All that remains is stating what the border is.  They also declare East Jerusalem as part of their state which they intend to have as their capital.  It's the old story of whatever the Jews have, they want. 

Abbas has focused on Latin America for several reasons.  One is that he speaks Spanish.  Costa Rica recognized them in 2008.  Since then Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Equador have recognized Palestine.  Paraguay says it must be within the 1967 borders.  Chile and Peru go along with the proviso of the borders being mutually agreed to.  Columbia is waiting for a peace agreement. 

France and  Britain are ready to recognize a Palestine.  Germany has come down hard on Israel but still says it won't recognize them without Israel's okay to the deal.  Norway is going along with it, it looks like.  Spain is quite positive about supporting it.  Brussels is all for Jerusalem to become the future capital of Palestine, then also says it should be for the two states as well.  Denmark and Ireland have upgraded their status in their eyes.  This is almost saying they are all for their state. 

The Palestinians have not fullfilled the Quartet's provisos in establishing their own state.  Being they have goals to destroy Israel, it is shocking beyond words to me that countries would sign onto such an agreement. 
Caving in and allowing a murderous state is not going to turn them into nice people.  They'll just think they have the green light to do as they have wished; destroy Israel.

Oh, how easy it is for these states to okay a Palestine.  After all, it's nothing of their concern.  What do they care that Hamas wants to destroy Israel.  It's only in their charter to do so. 


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