Friday, April 08, 2011

Escalation between Hamas and Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
 Israel has been attacked for the past two years with a low level shelling of mortars and missiles, but last month the terrorists really let loose with a barrage attack of missiles that wouldn't quit.  Yesterday they hit a school bus with a new weapon, an anti tank heat seeking missile that was purposely aimed at it. The 16 year old boy on the bus  is suffering from a serious head wound.  That was terrible.   The distance between Hamas terrorists and southern Israel is only a couple of miles.  For Portlanders, think of the West side of the Ross Island bridge being able to volley a missile into Ladds Addition.  That's about the same distance that the school bus was. 

Israel is sick of it and returned fire, killing nine of which one was a terrorist commander, three others being his soldiers and 5 civilians who were in the line of fire.  A house of theirs was also hit.  The defining feature of escalation  is hitting children and civilians and the hitting of a school bus hardened Israel's retaliation. 

Leaked WikiLeaks tell that Hezbollah terrorists, out of Iran and Lebanon,  have plans to hit Tel Aviv with a huge bombardment of 100 missiles a day. They already have 40,000 of them ready.   Israel just came up in time with a defense mechanism, Iron Dome,  to stop missiles, but it didn't get all of them in their first trial yesterday.  It did stop a Grad missile heading for Ashkelon. 

It seems to me that Hamas in in compliance with Hezbollah and was testing the waters wondering what Israel's reaction would be.  They found out. 


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