Saturday, March 12, 2011

Death Comes to Itamar
Nadene Goldfoot
In the mountains of Samaria near Nablus lies a community made up of 160 families.  They grow organic crops and raise sheep and goats.  Would you know if they were Jewish or Muslim from this description?  Do you think both groups, doing similar activities could get along?

Evidently not.  This community is made up of Orthodox Jews from Jerusalem.  The community is named Itamar 27 years ago, the name of Aaron's youngest son.  It was established in 1984, an auspicious year bearing the name of a famous American book.  On March 12th a Muslim terrorist entered the Fogel  home and slaughtered the whole family of five:  the two parents Udi 36, Ruth 35, Yoav 11 year old, Elad 4 year old and 3 month old Hadas, a baby girl.  They were  stabbed.  Shots were heard by others, so either the father was trying to protect his family or the terrorist had the gun to frighten them.  The mother was no doubt still nursing.  The grandparents and three children survive. 

This community had just been planning to expand their libary shelves and add a few more books.  One gets tired of the same old ones.  Now they have a burial to attend.  This needless slaughter on religious people will not deter them from living there.

 Benjamin Netanyahu has asked the Palestinian Authority to condemn the attack.  .  The IDF will also be searching for the killer.  Netanyahu said that terrorism is not going to make  any decision on  Judea and Samaria.  President Obama has also condemned the terrorism and has asked Abbas to also condemn the act.
added 3/14/11

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