Saturday, July 31, 2010

Retaliation Attack For Hitting Ashkelon

400 rockets and mortars, supposedly shot by small militant groups that Hamas has no control of have been shot at Israel since Operation Cast Lead 19 months ago. A big one hit Ashkelon causing a retaliation by Israel on Gaza.

Israel killed an important Hamas commander, Issa Batrun, age 42. He was a senior rocket maker. 11 were injured in the attack, 8 Hamas members and 3 civilians.

This may stir up the hornet's nest now. Hamas is already threatening Israel for the attack. My advice is that they shouldn't have allowed other militant groups free reign to attack Israel. Also, they're arming the smaller militant groups, so, in other words, they're one and the same group. They're all out to attack Israel.

Before this happened, members of Bracha and members of Iraq Buren threw stones at each other on Friday. This was in Judea/Samaria or the West Bank. It was the Palestinians from Iraq Buren that started it first. Why is the unknown factor. Friday is the Sabbath for Arabs. I'm surprised they engaged in this act. On this day most all Jewish women are busy preparing for the sabbath that commences on Friday night. Who has time for such devilment? Well, they found about 30 Palestinians who were involved.
What had happened on Friday? The UN let known its ruling that Israel had to end the Gaza blockade and needed to allow a fact finding committee on their raid on the flotilla. Isn't that just like them? And they wonder why it's hard to speak with Israelis. I can't believe this U.N.

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