Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Back Dead Soldiers
by Nadene Goldfoot
It's with great sadness to read the news that we are getting back two deceased IDF soldiers at such a great cost. In exchange we're giving the terrorists not only 200 of their deceased fighters, but 5 live terrorists, one of which is one of the most sadistic people I've heard about. It's too bad he isn't in the group of deceased. He broke into an apartment and took out a father and his 4 yr old daughter, then slaughtered the father in front of his little girl so that she witnessed such a horrid sight and then killed her by knocking her head into a stone, a brutal murder on both accounts. There was no call for this. These people were civilians. It was total rage and insanity. This Kuntar was sentenced to 548 years in prison, but is now released.
What's worse is that Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, had said that now he was more determined than ever to have a war with Israel, and promised more kidnappings unless the grissly murderer, Kuntar, was released, and he had kept his promise by kidnapping Regev and Goldwasser, which resulted in 2006 in the deaths of 163 more Israelis.
Kuntar has vowed to continue his vile acts of killing Israelis. His people are passing out candies in celebration, and determination that Israel is now weak. We didn't put an end to terrorism because we were holding this vile person. We've fed their mentality of retribution. We've gone the nth mile for even a deceased soldier. How will this protect any living prisoner they hold?
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