Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carter's Help With Hamas

Nadene Goldfoot

Jimmy Carter was still trying to make the name for himself that he missed doing many years ago. He went against USA's philosophy of not speaking with Hamas. Jimmy's book shows to me how disgusted he had been after seeing himself as the messiah that could bring peace between the Arabs and Israel, and wrote a terrible book all against APAIC, the Jewish organization that speaks for Israel in the USA. I guess he was angry because we just didn't hand over all of Israel to the terrorists then.
After going to see Hamas's Mashaal in Damascus and much kissing, of course the terrorists still are not going to abide by his wishes. They were thrilled to speak with Carter as they feel that gives them legitimacy and they have been accepted. Now they have something to brag about. They will not recognize Israel. A very small article spoke of this on page A6 in the Oregonian this morning. It said Hamas was asked to halt rocket fire for a month to make a good impression on the world, and they refused. Yesterday it was reported that Hamas was willing to accept Israel as a "neighbor next door" one day. Later, Carter said they would accept a state in the 1967 borders but would never recognize the Jewish state. That certainly is a mixed message.

At least 5 Arab countries attacked Israel in 1967 and by doing so, lost claim to the 1967 borders. They lost. Now they want it and they were the losers. Aren't we lucky that Mexico has not fired on Texas every day with the goal of winning back all of their holdings, like California, Arizona and New Mexico? Well, the difference here is that Israel did not start the War of 1967. The Arab countries did and they lost.
We're not happy about being shelled every day in Sderot and even Ashkelon where the main hospital is, but it would be terrible to have a state next door who didn't recognize your rights and who wants you driven into the sea at any cost. That would only give them a closer range to shoot rockets. It would be moving the enemy in closer range. I was wondering what Olmert would say if Hamas accepted Carter's suggestion. Olmert might have accepted just to stop the rocket firing. In the long run, it would have been a bigger disaster for Israel. One thing we can count on is that Hamas doesn't want peace. They don't want to live side by side in a normal situation with Israel. That's not their goal.

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