Thursday, October 04, 2007

North Korea and Israel
On September 6, 2007, Israel went over to Syria and dropped a bomb or two on something that wasn't kosher. It has just been released that North Korea had shipped material to Syria that could be very dangerous for Israel.
One of today's editorials in the Oregonian is "North Korea comes in from the cold". It is saying that North Korea disarmed by diplomatic means without the need to use force, and that the same thing could be achieved with Iran.
We have to remember that Syria is under the thumb of Iran, and is rather like a neighborhood community of Iran. Syria probably was building an arsonal of some terrible weapons that would also be used by Iran. Of course the first object of their hatred would be Israel.
The question arises as to why North Korea was involved with shipping material to Syria. They want to remain peaceful with the United States. Are they in compliance and are just trying to make a buck? In 1990, as the editorial stated, North Korea was involved in a huge money-laundering scheme, so money is of the highest importance to this country.
North Korea is close enough to the western coast of the USA to launch a nuclear weapon and hit Oregon. Syria is certainly close to Israel to do the same thing. We need to watch both countries.

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