Friday, September 21, 2007

Gaza Strip Declared Hostile Territory
The Gaza strip has had both the Fatah and Hamas terrorists, two Palestinian groups wrestling for control of the power in the area. Fatah has taken the responsibility of most of the rockets that were fired from Gaza into Sderot, Israel and the Western Negev region of Israel. They also took responsibility for the attack on Sderot on the day before Rosh HaShanah last week.
Now the UN's human rights chief has said she is gravely concerned at Israel's decision to finally declare the Gaza Strip a "hostile territory." Israel has threatened to cut off the fuel and electricity supplies to the area.
How can anyone expect Israel to continue supplying these things when it is constantly bombed by the terrorists there? Have the powers in charge done anything to stop the bombing? No. The only thing that the people will be affected by and thus realize that their actions are not acceptable is to hold out the electricity and fuel supplies. Israel has discussed all the aspects of how to do this and not hurt innocent people living there. They are not doing this without much thought.
By shooting rockets into Israel, the Gaza strip is showing that they are at war with Israel. Israel must take steps to protect itself and punish the people responsible for the shootings. Does anyone else have a better idea?
facts from David Bedein article via Victor Sharpe and AFP via Yahoo News

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