Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Religious Goal of the Future Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot

The future Palestine is already controlled in Gaza by the political party Hamas. They plan on instituting an Islamist theocracy using their own form of Muslim principles of government law. This is called Hamastan. The law is called Sharia. It deals with all aspects of day-to-day life which means politics, economics, banking, business law, contract law, family, sexuality, hygience and social issues. It’s based on the Koran (holy book of Islam), the sayings of Muhammad, and centuries of debate, interpretation and precedent.

This is very much like Israel’s code of ethics which are based on the Five Books of Moses and the Torah. The ethics of Judaism covers the same aspects and is also based on centuries of debate and interpretations.

The differences in these two groups who both believe in one G-d lies on the outcomes of interpretations. Israel does not cut off the hand of a thief or treat its non Jews as third class citizens as Jews were treated in Muslim countries that also followed Sharia. Israel does not punish its citizens for not wearing a head covering. Jews are allowed to follow the tenets of their religion as they chose to do.

Muslims in Palestine will not have that option. Jews have always had a freedom of choice and the knowledge that they can follow the dictates of their own conscience. They answer only to G-d. Israelis have a religion free from pressure. Palestine will be a ruled by a religion of forced regimen with possible drastic punishment for violations.  

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