Friday, July 06, 2007

Attack Israel and Risk Being Attacked
Two years ago Israel withdrew from Gaza and broke down all Jewish settlements there. This past May of 2007, Palestinian groups fired about 300 rockets into Israel from there. Israel was forced to retaliate with dozens of airstrikes against Hamas security and rocket-launcher groups.
Now Hamas has been firing mortar shells and rocket-propelled grenades along with sporadic rocket fire. The last rocket happened Tuesday evening, the 3rd of July. Then two more rockets were launched Thursday afternoon.
Thursday the Israeli forces entered Gaza and went about 1/2 mile into the territory east of two refugee camps; Maghazi and Mureij. They came in and left overnight. In the raid they killed 11 people; 9 known militants from Hamas.
Thousands of Palestinians reacted by marching in the street of the camp and firing rifles into the air vowing revenge. According to their game plan, they can attack Israel but Israel is not allowed to retaliate and try to stop the terrorists who fire weapons at them. They react so violently that they must forget what brought the tanks over from Israel in the first place. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, is the ancient adage. It still applies today. Israel will not put up with its citizens being fired upon anymore. This seems to be a hard lesson to learn. Israel waited a long time to react, perhaps too long. Passivity has not worked with these people. Turning the other cheek shows weakness to terrorists. This is similar to child psychology. If a small child bites his mother, he doesn't understand it hurts until his mother bites him back. Then he gets the message.

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