Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kassam Rockets Attacking Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestinian Hamas movement has been raining Kassam rockets on Israel. Hundreds have been falling, making life absolutely so impossible on nearby towns that the town of Sderot has been evacuated. General Normin has said that these simple homemade steel rockets filled with explosives are militarily insignificant. That may be in Iraq, but not for Israel.

One must remember that a range of distance of 3, 8 and 10 kilometers is deadly for Israel. Israel is only as big as 1/3 of Oregon. The surrounding countries are very close. General Normin may think Kassam rockets are militarily insignificant but he has never fought for Israel nor has he been on such a small turf. The joke in Israel used to be: don't put your arm out of the window on the train or it will be in Jordan.

When I moved to Israel in 1980 I moved to Safed after studying for 10 months in Haifa. On the way to Safed in the moving truck I was told that a Katusha rocket had fallen in the back of a nearby apartment building only two weeks before. Then, Katusha rockets were in vogue and continued to fall in the Northern Galilee. Now they use Kassams out of Gaza, but because they are easily home made, are falling by the hundreds.

Finally Israel is retaliating while trying not to enter the Gaza territory. They've been enduring these attacks for far too long.

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