Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jews, an Endangered Species

Nadene Goldfoot                                               
Jews are an endangered species. We have been threatened by Iran who wants to wipe Israel out. Now that they may have atomic energy shortly, this is an even bigger threat. We're a very small group of about 14 million people. More than that make up Mexico City. We've been around since our origins with Abraham in "Iraq" for about four thousand years. We need Israel as our own country simply because we need this sanctuary that we can call our own that was our own once upon a time when Moses passed away in 1271 BCE.  

 If the United States can proclaim certain animals as endangered species, why not the Jews? We're such a small group and so many have been killed in the past just for being Jews and are now being killed because many are living in Israel and Israel is constantly under attack.

For some reason (perhaps it was G-d telling us to live in Israel) we do our best thinking and creating in Israel. Since 1948 tons of inventions have come out of Israel. Many of these have been in the area of medicine and health and the world has benefited by these discoveries. Our intellectuals are turned on by the air there. Even I became extremely creative living in Safed where I wrote plays. Something happens to us in Israel.

I've been reading the book by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkm called WHY THE JEWS? The Reason for anti Semitism:  and am reminded that we have not been on anybody's popularity list. Part of this reason is that we are different and we haven't mixed in well with other people. We've been rather standoffish. This goes the other way, too.  People have been afraid to get to know us.  

Yet, these are the very reasons that we have continued to exist for all these years. We did not assimilate well. In fact, our host countries aided in this seclusion by keeping us in ghettos against our will many times. In the enlightenment of Germany, we started to think of ourselves as Germans and became enlightened along with all the others which turned out to be for the worst. Many people have tried to change us with forced conversions, but we are an unusual group. We're stiff-necked, which means we're rather obstinate. We're the only religion that is not only an ethic/philosophy of life, but is nationalistic as well. We're an unusual group of people.

There was no country of "Palestine" with a Palestinian government. There was an Israel. This was the land of King David and his son King Solomon. We were in existence with a bigger piece of land than of today. Today we are again a legal country having been sanctioned and blessed by the United Nations in 1948.

Do the Palestinians need Israel? Does Iran need Israel? Are there not enough Muslim countries? None of the few people living on the land had done anything with it. It lay barren until Jews came back to their homeland. We returned after suffering from Russian pogroms, antisemitism everywhere, the slaughter of six million Jews in the Holocaust of the 2nd world war, and even living under dhimmi status in the Middle Eastern Countries who now resent our leaving for our own country. They treated us as 2nd-3rd class citizens when we lived with them, and they are horrified to have us stand in their midst.

We've offered the Palestinians land to create their own state of Palestine next to us and they have refused it since the creation of Israel! The only thing we keep asking is that they recognize us as a legal state and quit shooting at us and this both Fatah and Hamas have refused to do. Why have they continually turned down the chance to have their own state and then cry about not having it? They seem to want the whole area and are not willing to let us have our increasingly shrinking piece.

So, unless people are still siding with Hitler and feel we need to be exterminated as a final solution, we need a protective area in which to live in, and what is better than our original country which we've already been granted in 1948? Israel is our sanctuary.

Jews NEED Israel. Zionism and Judaism are one and the same. We need this land because we are a very small, almost extinct group of  people. Israel is part of our history where our religion was born. We've tried for 2,000 years of living among other nations. It didn't work out very well. The Holocaust was our big wake-up call telling us that we needed a sanctuary. In 1948, Israel was born again and we aim to keep it.


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