Monday, September 25, 2006

Lebanon, July 2006 Being Tested

Nadene Goldfoot
God has tested the hearts of the Arab people by placing Israel in their midst. What has been their reaction? They want to drive Israel into the sea.

Because of their hatred for their cousins, the Jews, they are now suffering because they helped to cause suffering to Israel by not caring that terrorists were shelling innocent Israelis.

Israel does not want their land. For too many years the Lebanese terrorists have been shooting rockets at Israel. Lebanese allowed their government to be taken over by these Hezbollahs because they probably were sympathetic with their cause. Israel hopes that the Lebanese army will take over Southern Lebanon and protect the border as they should. However, today they are of the same mind as the terrorists. There is no hope for these people as long as they sympathize with them.

The Lebanese Hezbollah and the Lebanese people have no reason to hate Israel. The occupation of Lebanon by Israel was done in response to the constant attack on Israel by them. Their actions cause their own problems.

They are reaping what they had sowed. Destruction of Israel is bringing about the destruction of Lebanon. Once they decide to be good neighbors and not be overcome by the terrorists, their country will once again be the Paris of the Middle East and be prosperous.

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